The Great Tribulation (End Times Bible Documentary 2020)

Bliv Team
Bliv Team
12 Jun 2020

The Great Tribulation is an end times bible prophecy documentary created in 2020.

The bible describes something called "the great tribulation" in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. This bible documentary of 2020 explains exactly what Jesus was speaking about when he was describing the prophecy of the end times.

Jesus says "after the tribulation of those days" meaning that he is giving us a difinitive time of when the rapture will happen, and this end times documentary explains exactly what must occur before the rapture.

We pray this documentary, The Great Tribulation, will help you to better understand end times bible prophecy and understand what the bible means when it says after the tribulation. We also have many other biblical documentaries of 2020 and we hope you will check them out and share with your friends!

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Video courtesy of Pillar of Truth Christian Church, located in Long Island, NY.

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