The Difference Between Distraction and Destiny | Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick
09 Jul 2020

There are a lot of people and things fighting for our attention right now leaving us all feeling pulled apart. You’re finally headed back to work, but your kids still need help with school. Social restrictions are being lifted, but that doesn’t mean fear has subsided. Maybe you’d just settled into a new routine and now everything feels up in the air again.

In this transition period, it has never been more important to keep it together, but distractions are threatening to pull us apart. In this practical teaching, you’re going to find help for today’s tensions.

Pastor Steven Furtick shares from Mark 5 verses 21-43 how Jesus shut out the distractions of the crowd to focus on what really matters.

We believe this message will empower you to stop being pushed around by competing priorities in your life. Instead, learn how to discern the pull of the Holy Spirit as He directs your paths.

For more practical help in ordering your steps consider this message: Let’s Get Your Mind In Order
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Clip Content:
0:00 - God, Help Me Discern The Demand
1:04 - Where Are You Leaking Life?
5:41 - I Need The Right Connection (Mark 5, verses 27-29)
8:40 - Freedom Comes From Focus
10:30 - When Faith Makes You Whole (Mark 5, verses 30-34)
15:03 - What Is The Distraction Here?
17:49 - Don’t Let Life Push You. Pursue The Pull of God’s Power.

The Difference Between Distraction and Destiny | Steven Furtick

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