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Elevation Church
08 Feb 2021

You may not feel like you have enough, but God can do a lot with a little.

In “Take The Lid Off A Little,” Pastor Steven Furtick turns to the story of the prophet Elijah during a time of famine to show us how God isn’t limited by “not enough.” When what you have feels insufficient, God may be getting ready to reveal just how sufficient He is.

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Section Titles
0:00 - Your Share Has Power
1:55 - The Impact Of A Little Thing (1 Kings 17, verses 1-16)
6:39 - Take The Lid Off A Little
8:30 - Be Careful What You Start Your Day With
10:20 - ALL Things Work Together (Romans 8, verse 28)
12:42 - How God Leads (1 Kings 17, verses 2-4)
15:00 - God’s Not Gonna Provide The Way You Expect
17:05 - This Isn’t How I Thought It’d Be (1 Kings 17, verse 7)
19:45 - Being Led By Your Limitation
23:00 - You Are A Secret Weapon
25:42 - The Worry of Not Enough
28:22 - Operating In Fear (1 Kings 17, verse 12)
29:47 - God Likes Little
34:40 - Don’t Belittle What God Gave You
39:22 - Why You Put Yourself Down
41:33 - Change Your Altitude
43:22 - Are You Willing To Take The Lid Off?
44:50 - It Will Always Be Enough
47:33 - Thank You For The Little

Take The Lid Off A Little | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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