Sodom & Gomorrah Movie

Bliv Team
Bliv Team
27 Jul 2020

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'SODOM & GOMORRAH' is a visual dramatization of the legendary escape of Lot's family from Sodom by the aid of two Angels. (Lot was Abraham's Nephew who lived in Sodom).

MOVIES & SERIES: The Bible Series, Pompeii, Prometheus, Miscellaneous Clips.

SUGGESTION: If you are interested in the biblical account read 'THE BOOK OF GENESIS' chapters 18 & 19. For extra insight in the activities of these wicked cities I suggest you read 'THE BOOK OF JASHER' chapter 19, after which you will understand you would've torched the cities too...


1. The date 1893 BC is an estimation of this event based on ONE source of biblical chronology.

2. Four of the Five Cities of the plain were destroyed: Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah & Zeboim were consumed in the judgement. Neighboring Zoar (Bela) was spared.

3. I do not understand why ‘THE BIBLE SERIES’ chose to show the Angels Bleeding. Maybe Angel’s can bleed??? Who knows...There is a theory the two ‘Angels’ were two human male ‘messengers’ sent by God much like Jonah, the man was sent to Nineveh to beseech them to Repent or face Judgement. I lean more towards them being heavenly visitors and I’m not sure how their metaphysical bodies work in this case.

4. The biblical account does not indicate the Angels actually fought anyone to get out of Sodom... However it does state the Angel's blinded the mob of men who were beating Lot's door. Again I'm not sure why 'THE BIBLE SERIES' added the fight scene but I would assume it was for dramatic effect. I left it in because I thought it was cool and a likely possibility.

5. Lot's wife was made into 'A PILLAR OF SALT' because she didn't heed the Angel's warning NOT to look back during their escape. Extra-biblical sources claim after escaping she ‘Ado’ (Edith) ran back to the city in attempt to save others. Upon investigation of the modern day remains of Sodom it is believed the area was victim to some kind of Volcanic explosion and subsequent pyroclastic flow much like the remains of 'POMPEII' hence the expression that it rained 'FIRE AND BRIMSTONE'.

6. Before the destruction, Abraham questions God's judgement if he would slay righteous souls along with the wicked ones. Starting with 50 Abraham works his way down to 10. God answers each time and answers he would have spared the whole city if he found just 10 righteous souls (perhaps less).

7. If there are any further worthwhile or provable discrepancies that you would wish I disclaim about this project, inform me and i'll be happy to include them here.

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