Ryan Stevenson - With Your Life (Official Audio Video)

Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson
12 Jun 2020

Download or Stream at: http://ryanstevenson.lnk.to/wildestdreams

With Your Life - Written by Ryan Stevenson. Produced by Tyrus Morgan. Mixed by Micah Kuiper for Man Cub Music House. Recorded at Truss Studio. Programming by Tyrus Morgan. Cello by Paul Nelson. Additional programming by Micah Kuiper. Additional vocals by Desirae Bronson.


It’s hard to say I love you in a line, it's easier to show me with your time
Didn't have the means to give us an easy ride, but we had the things that money could never buy
Time can make us grow cold, but all I know is love can change and heal it all

I don't need you to say anything
I don't want you to waste another breath feeling ashamed
All the things I thought I needed to hear you speak to me
I realize that you've been telling me all this time, you told me with your life

They say actions are louder than any word
But how come silence seems to hurt the worst
the best thing that you ever did for me, was to see you treat my momma like a queen 
Time can make us grow cold, but all I know is love can change and heal us all

Years go by, the distance grows,
I don't know why we're scared to show the tears we fight and the pain we hold
Oh it's alright to let it go

© 2020 Gotee Records


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