Ryan Stevenson - Through It All (Official Lyric Video)

Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson
12 Jun 2020

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Through It All - Written by Ryan Stevenson, Micah Kuiper & Bryan Fowler. Video by Matt Hadley of Wander Creative. Produced & Mixed by Micah Kuiper for Man Cub Music House. Co-produced by Ryan Stevenson. Programming, Bass, Keys & Drums by Micah Kuiper. Electric & Acoustic Guitars by Bryan Fowler. BGVs by Bryan Fowler, Micah Kuiper and Ryan Stevenson.


Woke up from a long night hoping for the sunlight, just another cloudy day
Stressing on the inside fighting all the same lies, can’t put on your happy face
No you can’t fake it, heart is breakin’
Shame is trying to take you down
This over thinking boat is sinking
Wish someone could pull you out
This is not the end of the story
You’re gonna see the light in the morning
You need to know you’re not alone
No you are never too far gone
Our God redeems, I’m living proof
That He’s gonna love you through it all

Through it all
He’s gonna love you
Through it all
Through it all

Broken by the rumors, trippin’ ‘bout the future
All you wanna do is hide
Waves of the tension comin’ with a vengeance
Crashing on every side
No you can’t fake it, hard to face it
Fear is tryin’ to take you down
This overthinking boat is sinking
Wish someone could pull you out
At the end of your rope when you’re losing your hope and you’re barely holding on
He’ll be all that you need, no He’s not gonna leave
He’ll carry you through it all

©2020 Gotee Records


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