Ryan Stevenson - Single Wide Dreamin' (Official Audio Video)

Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson
12 Jun 2020

From the album NO MATTER WHAT available Now http://rs.lnk.to/nmw

Written by Ryan Stevenson & Bryan Fowler
Produced by Bryan Fowler for Man Cub Music House. Co-produced by Ryan
Stevenson. Mixed by Bryan Fowler. Guitars, bass, programming & BGVs by Bryan
At the end of the block, where the pavement stopped, was a little tan single wide
We had a juniper tree in the driveway and a church on the other side
Early in the morning, summer sun rising, I remember waking up to the sound
Of that old yellow airplane, dusting the crops, shaking the windows in the house
Racing home from school in the afternoon just to catch my favorite show
Kicking back with Zack, and Kellie Kapowski, Slater, and Jessie Spano
Take me back to the place, to those cold October days
Back to the Friday nights underneath the lights, hearing the cheers from a home game
Home sweet home on the range, I love how some things never change
Hearing the cows and the combines in the cool of the evening
When we were single-wide dreamin'
The day I turned 16 I hit the DMV, barely passed my driving test
In an ’81 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, with hardly any breaks left
Then I bought my first car from my cousin, Subaru hatchback with a busted clutch
But we'd limp it all around the valley, picking up pop cans just to buy some lunch
Parties at Malone, and every stereo bumping Coolio like it was 1996
And all the hicks in town, brought their pickups out, showing off their 20-inch lift kits
Passin’ notes in class behind the teacher's back about who we had a crush on
Staying up all night making mix tapes, with all our favorite love songs
And a couple of my best friends who were Mexican, taught me to “habla espanol"
With Mariachis throwin' down at fiestas, sipping horchata and menudo

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