Ryan Stevenson - All I Need (feat. Paul Wright & GabeReal) [Official Audio Video]

Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson
12 Jun 2020

Download or Stream at: http://ryanstevenson.lnk.to/wildestdreams

All I Need (feat. Paul Wright & GabeReal) - Written by Ryan Stevenson, Micah Kuiper & Paul Wright. Video by Nathan Fertig. Produced & Mixed by Micah Kuiper for Man Cub Music House. Co-produced by Ryan Stevenson. Guest vocals by Paul Wright & GabeReal.


Been on a treadmill of performance
Not really knowin’ what the score is
Waiting for you to show me where the door is
It’s like I’m always on the run
I’m going uphill without a summit
It’s knockin’ the wind out of my stomach
And all the little setbacks keep on coming
I think that I’ve had enough
OohChasing the carrot, are we there yet?
While singin’ “ooh”I wanna let go and stop caring
All I need is You
I think it’s time to slow this down
Remember where my peace is found
All I need is YouIt’s all about Your presence now
I can just be free
Cause I got You and that’s all I need
I’m making life so complicated
And I’m always wondering why I’m feeling jaded
And all of this emotion I’ve been wasting
When You’ve always been enough
Take me back to the beginnin’
When I realized that I’ve been forgiven
And all that You did guaranteed me I’m winning
No matter what go down, You can see me be grinnin’
Cause You are the way, the song of my life
You’ve taken my wrongs and given me rights
I want to become more like You Christ
You’re changing me up from the inside
Singin’ like “ooh ooh ooh ooh”

All I need, all I need, all I need, yeah
(You are all I need)

©2020 Gotee Records


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