Redeemed Like David: How to Overcome Sexual Temptation (A Bible Study on Psalm 51)

Apply Gods Word
Apply Gods Word
17 Sep 2020

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Official Book Description:
Do you desire to overcome all forms of ****ual temptation? Do you value the power of God’s Word? Redeemed Like David offers a Christ-centered blueprint for overcoming all forms of ****ual sin.

Perhaps the most notorious ****ual failure in the whole Bible was King David’s affair with Bathsheba. And yet, even with this massive ****ual blemish in David’s past, God still called King David “a man after my own heart” (Acts 13:22). How can this be? The key to understanding David’s redemption is Psalm 51.

In Redeemed Like David you will find that Psalm 51 is a roadmap on how to break free from the addictive ****ual sins that have consistently plagued you. While there are plenty of very helpful Christian books on the topic of overcoming ****ual temptation, this book is unique in that it takes one specific passage of Scripture and applies it directly to the question, “How can I overcome ****ual temptation?” If you are looking for a practical, powerful, expositional, verse-by-verse Bible study that will give you direction on how to overcome ****ual sin, this book was made for you.

Redeemed Like David is designed for individual use, accountability partners, or small group Bible studies. Study questions are included for each chapter along with an in-depth leader’s guide found in the back of the book.

If you are looking for a proven path to ****ual freedom, Psalm 51 is the answer. It worked for King David. It can work for you too.

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