Learning To Think Like Jesus with Rick Warren

Saddleback Church
Saddleback Church
24 Nov 2019

http://saddleback.com — What does it mean to think like Jesus? Is it really possible to have his same thoughts, the same attitude, and the same reactions? In 1 Corinthians 2:16, Paul says, “We can understand these things, because we now have the mind of Christ.” In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will go through 10 characteristics of a person who thinks like Jesus.

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(Think Like Jesus) (Jesus does) (Jesus says) (Mind of Christ) (Rethink your life) (Rethinking life) (God's purpose) (My identity) (Identity in Christ) (God's power) (God's will) (Eternal perspective) (Steps of Jesus) (Life of Jesus) (Live like Jesus) (Study Jesus' life) (What did Jesus do) (Jesus' example) (Act like Jesus)

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