Jordan Feliz - Streets of Gold (Audio Video)

Jordan Feliz
Jordan Feliz
03 Dec 2019

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Smile away
All the troubles that you see
They’ll be miles away
Before too long today’s the day
Every possibility
Well, it’s yours to take
You can’t go wrong
If you just have faith for the moment
He’ll give you enough
Ain’t no way that you’re gonna blow it
‘Cause you are (truly) loved

Your best days are still ahead
You’re not done yet
By His grace you’re moving on
Celebrate and find joy in what’s to come
‘Cause someday you’ll be walking on
On streets of gold
On streets of gold
The promise we believe that we’ll dance eternally
On streets of gold
On streets of gold

Laugh aloud
Let your heart be so happy
When you think about
How far you’ve come
Every single step that you’ve taken
He’ll be leading you
Even when it feels like you’re faking
He is always be true

Words and Music by Jordan Feliz, Ross King and Jordan Sapp

© 2018 CentricSongs (SESAC) / CentricSongs & Simply Perfect Tunes (SESAC) / Capitol CMG Publishing Paragon (BMI)

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