It’s Time To Stop Running | Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick
28 Jul 2020

The season you’re in right now is significant. But when it feels like life isn’t going the way you’d hoped, it’s easy to run from it.

In “It’s Time To Stop Running,” Pastor Steven Furtick encourages us with this timely reminder: God’s working through the season that you’re in.

The time you have now is significant –– but for God to work through it, you can’t run from it.

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Section Titles:
00:00 - Make This Declaration
2:46 - Get Out of Your Head
4:44 - The Enemy’s Tactic Is Intimidation
8:40 - Stop Running From The Blessing
11:50 - Is Your Soul Dry Right Now?
14:16 - Receive His Presence

It’s Time To Stop Running | Steven Furtick

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