I’m Not Good at My Job — Is the Lord Telling Me to Quit? // Ask Pastor John

Desiring God
Desiring God
11 Aug 2020

If we don’t see much success in a career we thought God called us to, did we misread his call?

Lately on the podcast we’ve covered a lot of ground on work-related questions: advice for Christians who work Sunday mornings, how to avoid idolizing a career — things like that. Today’s question is about workplace competence. If I consistently fail at work, is God calling me to quit? It’s a good, honest question from a young woman stuck inside a vocational dilemma. “Dear Pastor John, thank you for this podcast. I’m simply not good at my job. That’s the truth of it. I have met with bosses to figure out what to improve. I have implemented those things. Nothing seems to work. I’m a teacher and my students’ academic success is being affected. I’m tempted to resign for their sake. However, I did feel like the Lord called me here. Now I wonder if I heard wrong. Can you give me any advice? What role does success play in discerning my vocational calling?”

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