How To Shift Your Focus By Faith | Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick
09 Jul 2020

In this message, originally preached by Pastor Steven Furtick in 2016 he asks a question, “What really matters?” It’s an important question, because what really matters to you determines the direction you go in life. And let’s face it, shifts happen all the time in our lives making it difficult to maintain focus and hope.

Pastor Steven uses Philippians 1 verses 18 through 27 to reveal one of the best ways to stay focused on what really matters -- building an eager expectation in Christ. The kind of hope that Paul describes in the Bible is so powerful that Paul had to make up a word in greek to define it -- apokaradokia!

We all want to feel like we’re making progress moving in the right direction. This desire is never stronger than in situations where we feel stuck. We can all get paralyzed by frustration and stress, or sometimes we can be really busy doing things that feel like they don’t matter.

But in this message we can learn how to prioritize what really matters and find hope (apokaradokia) in a tight spot. In Philippians 1, Paul is dealing with a shift he didn’t expect as he writes a letter from prison. But he confronts his shift with hope and rather than questioning his own purpose he encourages us in ours. That is the power of apokaradokia! That is the power of this kind of hope.

No matter what shifts have happened in your life today, we believe this message will give you hope to move forward.

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Sermon Content:
00:00 - Shift Your Focus Onto What Really Matters
01:55 - Learning To Anticipate (Philippians 1, verses 18-27)
06:00 - The Hope You Need To Survive: Apokaradokia
10:31 - Stretch Your Head Toward The Future
12:29 - Let’s Practice What To Do When Life Gets Tough.
15:22 - 1, 2, 3 STRETCH

How To Shift Your Focus By Faith | Steven Furtick

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