God Changed My Life! A Testimony

Bliv Team
Bliv Team
03 Dec 2019

Queen Diefenbacher loves to share her Christian testimony and declare, “God changed my life!” Why? There was a time when Queen, now a Partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, questioned whether she wanted to become a Christian. Though she had been raised in church, she was unsure whether the Christian life was for her.

Then her pastor, Bill Krause of Family Community Church in North Highlands, California, invited church members to attend Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Southwest Believer’s Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. Surprisingly, everything fell into place for Queen to attend. The airfare was affordable, and she found roommates with whom she could split the hotel cost. When she arrived, she found a warm environment where like-minded believers had come together to learn and build one another up.

“It was an awe moment where [I discovered] there were more Christians out there,” she says.

And the result was life-changing.

“I feel fulfilled, and I feel happy. And I can’t honestly remember the last time that I could say I’ve been happy without having something in return,” Queen admits.

And her happiness hasn’t stopped. Queen’s continues to grow in her relationship with God and to tell everyone she can that “God changed my life!” She has also become more involved in her church by giving of herself through volunteering and serving.

If you’d like to have a Christian testimony like Queens, if you’d like to be able to tell the people you meet, “God changed my life!,” check out this video.

And if you need someone to pray with you and help you begin your journey, contact Kenneth Copeland Ministries to speak with a prayer minister. We’re here for you!

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