Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? - Part One: The Facts

Bliv Team
Bliv Team
06 Jan 2020

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Why was Jesus of Nazareth crucified?

Because he made outrageous claims about himself. He claimed... to be the one and only Son of God.
Why would anyone take his claim seriously?

Well, that all depends...

If Jesus actually rose from the dead, then his claim to be God’s unique Son carries considerable weight. On the other hand, if the resurrection never actually happened, then Jesus may be safely dismissed as just another interesting, but tragic, historical figure.

Did Jesus rise from the dead?
As we explore this question, we need to address two further questions: what are the facts that require explanation? and which explanation best accounts for these facts?

There are three main facts that need to be explained: The discovery of Jesus’ empty tomb ... the appearances of Jesus alive after his death...and the disciples’ belief... that Jesus rose from the dead.

Let’s examine each of these...

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