Am I Wasting My Life in a Secular Job? // Ask Pastor John

Desiring God
Desiring God
11 Aug 2020

Our vocation doesn’t automatically determine our fruitfulness for Jesus. God uses all kinds of people in all kinds of places to accomplish his purposes.

Today’s question comes to us from a listener named Joshua. “Pastor John, hello! As a Christian, at the end of my life, have I really done all that I could have for Christ if I don’t become a martyr for him? I’m currently working in a skilled trade, and by all accounts I am climbing the ladder of success, so to speak. But a few years ago, I began to feel that God was calling me into a path that might be deeper and more directly impactful for the kingdom. I began to feel as though a life spent in the workforce or corporate America was a waste of time and energy. I have spent several years trying to figure out God’s calling on my life, so far to no avail.

“My question is this: If I spend my life in a career that does not have the direct mission of spreading the gospel, isn’t that wasteful? Why would God place me in a job that isn’t involved in expanding his kingdom, but rather consumes my energy in material production? And more directly, have I truly done everything, used every ounce of strength, given every fiber of my being to the kingdom of God, if I don’t become a martyr for Christ?” Pastor John, what would you say to Joshua?

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