Am I Living by Faith or Unbelief? // Ask Pastor John

Desiring God
Desiring God
11 Aug 2020

The Bible calls us to walk by faith, but how can we actually know if we are living by faith instead of unbelief?

How do I know if I’m living by faith or living by unbelief? Is there a more important question to the daily Christian life? It’s the question today from a listener named Daniel. “Hello, Pastor John! Romans 14:23 says that ‘whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.’ Could it be said that anything that does proceed from faith glorifies God? Is that also true? If so, how do I know if what I’m doing proceeds from faith? I know this seems really basic, but it’s also really abstract to me too. I really don’t know how to distinguish an act done from faith and an act done from unbelief. Any help would be greatly appreciated to help me understand this distinction.”

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