Aggressive Faith! Instant Healing Testimonies Jesus' Name! Injuries, Disease, Flu, Burn

Bliv Team
Bliv Team
24 Nov 2019

If you have faith in the finished work on the Cross, you want to learn how to apply your faith. Learn that faith requires action. Healing sometimes is not going to just happen without a fight. Healing by the stripes of Jesus is available to all but how do we see healing manifest? You can learn the laws of faith through ministries like and There is power in the word of our testimony and this one is a doozy! Once you learn by God's word that you ARE healed, healing will manifest IF you act on your faith. These testimonies are true. You won't learn in one viewing so play these over and over to really penetrate unbelief in your heart. Don't forget to "like" us and subscribe.

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