5 Ways To Conquer Fear | Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick
09 Jul 2020

We are living in a climate of fear right now where there are a lot more questions than answers: "When is this going to end? Will my family be safe? What will I do without a job? How am I supposed to survive this?”

While you can’t control the situation, that doesn’t mean you can’t shift your perspective. Through this compilation of 5 different sermons, we’re going to discover some key ways to deal with any fear you may be feeling.

In “I Know, But I’m Not Nervous,” you’ll see how it’s possible to face difficult circumstances, and still have faith. In “Handle It,” you’ll realize the importance of how you handle the situations life throws at you. In "The Haunted Heart," you’ll discover how to stare guilt, hopelessness, offense, shame, and threats in the face, and expose them to the light. In "It Will Happen,” you will discover that even when your conditions are outside of your control, your courage is never outside of your control. In “It’s Already Written,” you’ll recognize that to make it through this season, there’s really only two things you need.

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5 Ways To Conquer Fear | Steven Furtick

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